Whether you are looking for an economical standard single-use system or require a custom-designed and built single-use system, we can offer a proven solutions at every scale.

With a wealth of experience, knowledge, and solid quality processes behind every single-use product, we strive to assure you that your bioproduction process performs at its best.

Our single-use portfolio includes storage bags, assemblies, mixers and systems for large volume transport and storage. A range of sterile connectors ensure closed connection and disconnection and our sterile sampling systems provide a reliable option for process monitoring.

You can fully benefit of our experience and the advantages of our single-use solutions to accelerate your time to market, improve your manufacturing flexibility and reduce your costs.

Liquid Storage and Shipping Bags

We offer the Lifecube® 2D/3D Standard Single-Use Storage and Shipping Bags in a range of sizes from 50 ml to 3000 l for the biopharmaceutical industry. Our single-use bioprocess bags are constructed of a five-layer KA film, with ULDPE as the fluid contact material and EVOH as the gas barrier layer. The outer protective HDPE layer is to optimize overall toughness of the bag. These single-use bioprocess bags are produced in ISO Class 7 cleanroom that is ISO 9001 compliant.


Mixing Bags

The Lifecube® 3D Single-Use Mixing Bags are a cutting-edge solution for the efficient mixing and storage of solutions. This innovative product is available in a range of sizes, including 50 l, 100 l, 200 l, 500 l and 1000 l, making it an ideal choice for biopharmaceutical industry.


Aseptic Sampling Bags

Our Lifecube® Single-Use Sampling Bags are available in a range of sizes from 5 ml to 500 ml. These bags offer excellent mechanical strength and biosafety, ensuring accurate and safe sampling. With a one-piece bag body design and smooth surface, these bags have less residual liquid, making them easy to use and reducing the risk of contamination.


Supporting Containers

Our Supporting Containers are available for 2D and 3D storage bags and 3D mixing bags. They are construced in 304L stainless steel and the outer surface can be mechanical poslished or electro-polished. The container box is available in square or round design. For moving flexibility the containers can be equiped with special polyurethane universal casters. The outlet at the bottom of zhe container box is convenient for drainage. The side of the container box can adopted with an operating door and a view window to faciliate observation of the liquid state. 

Tubings and Assemblies

Single-use Tubings and Assemblies for fluid transfer are widely used in modern bioprocessing, including buffer and media preparation, tangential flow filtration, chromatography and sterile filling. The Lifecube® Tubing and Assemblies are available in STT Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing or STF Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing with tubing diameters (inner) from 1/8" (3 mm) to 1/2" (12.7 mm). The single-use tubing assemblies are manufactured and packaged in ISO 5-7 clean rooms.



Our Lifemeta® Single-Use Accessories offer a variety of standard and custom connectors, fittings, sanitary flanges, clamps and gaskets. Single-use connectors are widely used for critical link of disposable fluid paths in biopharma and gene and cell therapy manufacturing processes. These single-use accessories are manufactured in ISO certified sites with Class 7 clean room. They are reliable and easy to use and reduce your costs.


Customized Assemblies

Single-use Customized Assemblies are designed to be flexible, efficient and cost-effective in the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products, including vaccines, antibodies, recombinant proteins, and gene therapy, ensuring that the products are free from the risk of microbial contamination and avoiding the problem of switching between different projects and cross contamination.

With long experience working in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, Masterfilter provide a comprehensive single-use assemblies run through the entire process of cell culture, formulation, storage, transport, formulation, filling, and packaging.