Our Lifemeta® Single-Use Accessories offer a variety of standard and custom connectors, fittings, sanitary flanges, clamps and gaskets. Single-use connectors are widely used for critical link of disposable fluid paths in biopharma and gene and cell therapy manufacturing processes. These single-use accessories are manufactured in ISO certified sites with Class 7 clean room. They are reliable and easy to use and reduce your costs.

Polypropylene (PP) Adapter Fittings:

  • Hose Barb to Maxi Flange
  • Hose Barb to Mini Flange
  • Female/Male Luer to Mini Flange
  • Hose Barb to Luer Lock
  • Female/Male Luer Plug
  • Straight Hose Barb Through Tube
  • Straight Hose Barb Reducer Through Tube
  • Y-Fitting Barbed 3-Way Joint
  • Tee Fitting Barbed 3-Way Joint
  • Cross Fitting Barbed 4-Way Joint
  • TC Blind Cap
  • Tubing Plug
  • Adjustable Hose Tubing Clamp

Polyethylene (PE) Adapter Fittings:

  • Instrument Tee Pressure Gauge Maxi Flange to Hose Barb

Polysulfone (PSU) Adapter Fittings:

  • ECM Connector
  • ECS Female Connector
  • ECS Male Connector

Nylon and Glass Fiber Adapter Fittings:

  • Hose Valve Tube Pinch Valve
  • Tri Clamp with Wing Nut for Ferrule TC

Silicone Adapter Fittings:

  • Gasket

Quality Assurance

  • Manufactured in ISO Class 7 clean room
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • Meet the FDA Indirect Food Additive requirements cited in 21 CFR 177-182
  • Meet the requirement of USP <87> In Vitro Biological Reactivity Test
  • Meet the criteria of the USP <88> Biological Reactivity Test for Class VI plastics
  • Aqueous extraction contains < 0.25 EU/ml as determined by LAL, USP <85>
  • Particulate matter in the product eluent meets the requirements in USP <788> for large volume parenteral