Membrane Contactor

Process water in many industries require dissolved gases removal or gases injections. The Arrayforce™ gas-liquid membrane contactor a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly gas-liquid separation/mix for various industries by utilising hollow fiber membrane with excellent hydrophobic property.

The Arrayforce™ hydrophobic membrane lumen allows only gas molecules to penetrate freely, but not water or other liquids to go through. Special manufacturing technology provides uniform small pore channels that the hollow fiber can effectively increase the contact area and improve the transfer efficiency and maximum utilisation of the membrane area.


  • Deoxygenation for ultrapure water
  • Decarbonation for ultrapure water
  • De-ammonia for waste water
  • De-bubble for inks and electroplate liquids
  • Carbon dioxide injection into pure water
  • Oxygen injection into pure water


  • Excellent hydrophobic property
  • Precise hollow fiber arrangement
  • Highly efficient gas-liquid contact

Materials of Construction:

  • Lumen material: PP, PP/PMP
  • Shell material: Stainless Steel AISI 316L, PSU, PP, ABS, PVC, FRP+PVDF, FRP+PP
  • Potting material: Epoxy Resin
  • O-ring material: EPDM, FKM, Silicone, FFKM

Operating Parameters:

  • Range of Flow Rate: 300 ml/min up to 91 m³/h
  • Surface Area: 0.18 up to 230 m²
  • Max. Operating Temperature and Pressure:
    - Shell side: 5 to 50 °C at 7.2 bar, 70 °C at 2.1 bar
    - Lumen side: 25 °C at 4.1 bar